mercredi 8 juin 2005

Health scare

"...Blind talking
Served us so well
Travelled trough hell
We know how it felt..."
Moby -Lift me up

This is the story of a venerable 69 years-old elderly man, who tremendously enjoys his good wine, his good food. Monday morning he awoke, he felt unwell, he had chest pain. His compagnon begged him to go to see the doctor, he promised to do it but since he always had his way, he did not listen and went on like nothing was happening. Tuesday, the same dull pain in his chest, he again swore he 'ld make an appointement by the GP but like the day before he lied. Yesterday, the unease worsened but this time he was unable to mask it and panic striken his lover forced him to check into the hospital. Here he is undergoing the routine check-up exams. But in order to avoid any additional risks, he is ordered to stay until the end of the week. The doctors strongly suspect he is suffering from a obstructed artery, which may require a brief surgery operation. Nothing too serious for now but I can't keep shut the little devil voice whispered in my head "who knows what may come" . Moreover in the end I don't trust you to take care of yourself.

But you cannot know how furious and mad I am at you. Such irresponsibility, such a bad liar you are, such a childish behaviour, which could have make things much worse, such a silence leading me to learn of your fate almost ten hours later. Right now I'm wretched with worries, my worst fear has almost come true even if this health scare was anyway bound to happen seeing the careless way of life you are living.

I've seen it coming a long way but I'm still scared and still so angry and afraid.

"...Plain talking has ruined us now.

You never know how, sweeter than doubts...

Feeling so old"

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Albireo a dit…

Je sais que les mots ne sont trop souvent que peu de chose… Mais je tiens malgré tout à te les écrire, et à souhaiter un prompt rétablissement à ton père. J'espère que cela ne restera qu'un problème sans gravité excessive, qu'il sortira vite et qu'il s'adaptera sans rechigner à un régime concocté par Marie-Madeleine. :)

Je pense très fort à vous. Take care.