vendredi 4 septembre 2009

Comment Internet a révolutionné ma vie

En 50 leçons (ou comment le web a tué 50 objets du passé) par le très inspiré Telegraph.
Je ne peux que me reconnaître malheureusement dans les points 14, 25, 26, 27, 31, 35 et 50.
Et le 4 sur Sarah Palin m'a fait presque tomber de rire de ma chaise.

14) Dead time When was the last time you spent an hour mulling the world out a window, or rereading a favourite book? The internet's draw on our attention is relentless and increasingly difficult to resist. S'ennuyer est devenu un luxe.
25) Aren't they dead? Aren't they gay? Wikipedia allows us to confirm or disprove almost any celebrity rumour instantly. Only at festivals with no Wi-Fi signals can the gullible be tricked into believing that David Hasslehoff has passed away.
26) Holiday news ignorance Glancing at the front pages after landing back at Heathrow used to be a thrilling experience – had anyone died? Was the government still standing? Now it takes a stern soul to resist the temptation to check the headlines at least once while you're away.
27) Knowing telephone numbers off by heart After typing the digits into your contacts book, you need never look at them again.
31) Privacy We may attack governments for the spread of surveillance culture, but users of social media websites make more information about themselves available than Big Brother could ever hoped to obtain by covert means.
35) Concentration What with tabbing between Gmail, Twitter, Facebook and Google News, it's a wonder anyone gets their work done. A disturbing trend captured by the wonderful XKCD webcomic.
50) Your lunchbreak Did you leave your desk today? Or snaffle a sandwich while sending a few personal emails and checking the price of a week in Istanbul?

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Anonyme a dit…

Waw à première lecture, des points dans lesquels tu te reconnais, j'avoue m'y reconnaitre ausi pour certains !

J'ai mis l'article en favoris, je le lirai dès que j'aurais un peu de temps !