vendredi 5 août 2005

Ecriture automatique...

... ce qui me passe par la têt en ce moment:
"In this vivid dream, I begged you to stay before grabbing you by the arm and colapsing in whispers and dread and you looked at me with the utmost comtempt and horror upon your face however still my heart screams for the confession of all my secrets and your absolution. There are things best left unsaid and a line that we should never cross. Instead we cautiously wait for the other to fall, setting obvious traps under his feet so as to joyfully excecute him and enjoy the superiority of our knowledge over the agony you are undergoing. There is no safety in the big void of this world"
It is sheer non-sense I know but sometimes I truly enjoy my precious, wasted and bad written dramatics !

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